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International Chauffeurs - A bespoke Chauffeurs service based in London for the advantaged few. We will always ensure a experience which is second to none.


About Us & the Team

We are team of seasoned professionals that understand that the purpose of having a chauffeur company or a real chauffeur driver is to ensure  every trip is planned to absolute perfection and executed to precision on every single occasion not just the majority of time. We understand that time is the most valuable commodity as it can never be bought back so we chance nothing. Allowing you the customer to relax and enjoy your entire experience with us.


Corporate Road Show

Our team of professional chauffeurs have years of experience in providing services for corporate road shows. Our chauffeurs are selected for their knowledge, patience and understanding of client requirements. 



Planning that very special day, well we want to take away some of your stress and ask you to place your trust in us allowing us to provide you the most ultimate wedding chauffeur driven vehicle. Our Chauffeur will arrive in a sparkling vehicle which has been hand washed to ensure every spec of dust is removed from his vehicle for your special day. The vehicle will arrive promptly to reassure you that all is well and on schedule to finally arrive at your wedding location in complete comfort and style.



Corporate events can help create long lasting relationships as it shows your interested in your clients as individuals and people. We have a network of like minded Chauffeurs throughout London & Surrounding counties to be able to handle any size corporate event to ensuring the utmost  detail of every single passenger is catered for.


shopping Day Trips

Harrods, Mayfair or perhaps even Bicester Village. Our chauffeurs will be ready to assist in any way that they can so you can enjoy the day shopping away. Our hand selected Chauffeur will wait with the vehicle at the designated point which you select for your convenience and comfort ready to whisk you away to your next chosen location.


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